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Organising Your Commercial Kitchen For Peak Times

When kitchens are back up and running and we all get to dine and enjoy food like we used to, there’s one thing that all kitchens can benefit from, regardless of sector. Whether you have a restaurant kitchen, run a care home or even run a school or hospital kitchen, organising your space for peak […]

Preventative Maintenance To Beat The Breakdown

Recent research conducted by BRITA showed that kitchen staff are becoming more cautious with catering equipment in order to prevent a potentially expensive breakdown. Unreliable equipment coupled with the stresses COVID-19 brings to the catering industry is not only affecting kitchens and how well they function, but also the individuals in this industry and how […]

Health and Safety Factors For Kitchen Design and Installation

Meeting health and safety requirements is an essential consideration when designing and installing a new kitchen and equipment. Making sure all bases are covered will take a lot of planning beforehand, and with new COVID-19 restrictions, there’s even more to think about – ensuring you’re social distancing and providing the right hygiene measures is crucially […]

New Year, New Kitchen: 2021 Trends and Beyond

A brand new year seems like the perfect time to spruce up your commercial kitchen and make sure it is fit for purpose, especially in the new normal. Whether you’re in desperate need of some new kitchen equipment to keep staff safe and working efficiently, or you’re looking into a full kitchen refurbishment, we can […]

Which Combi Oven Is Best For Your Kitchen?

It goes without saying that the commercial oven is an essential element of professional kitchen equipment. An appliance that meets your demands as well as providing the type of cooking you need proves invaluable in a commercial kitchen, but getting it right requires a bit of thought. How can you ensure you’re choosing the right […]

Commercial Design For Care Home Kitchens

It’s crucially important for care home kitchens to be well designed to ensure that they work for a specific home. Here at Swift, we understand that each care home is different, each with different sized and shaped spaces to work with. Not only that, but the regular need to serve hot meals to residents must […]

Ventilation For Kitchens Reopening After The Pandemic

It’s not the first time that kitchens across the country have had to close their doors due to the ongoing global pandemic, and here we are again wondering when things will be back to normal. With tougher restrictions meaning many foodservice establishments are closed once again, we should be making the most of this time, […]

Swift Shortlisted for Kitchen and Equipment Award

Catering Insight and Foodservice Equipment Journal have recently joined forces to create a special awards programme, honouring the extraordinary efforts of individuals and businesses during the most challenging year in the industry’s history. You may have heard that nominations for the Kitchen and Equipment Awards are in, and we were delighted to find out that […]

Maintenance Tips for Commercial Dishwashers and Warewashers

Here at Swift, we’re proud to offer our customers the very best in commercial dishwashers. Commercial catering equipment has to be both efficient and durable to do its job effectively, and all of our machines have been chosen for their high-quality user features and reliability. However, without the right maintenance checks regularly, it’s impossible to […]