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Restaurant Kitchen Design and Installation

A restaurant kitchen is a busy place, and the catering equipment and kitchen design have to stand up to those demands. As a restaurant kitchen design and installation specialist, Swift Maintenance can deliver the commercial kitchen you need. With over four decades of experience in the commercial kitchen design industry, we know what it takes to provide an efficient restaurant kitchen layout.

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Suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment for restaurants

Restaurant kitchen design and installation

Our Midlands restaurant kitchen installations cover everything from supplying the best commercial ovens to full refurbishments. As a specialist restaurant kitchen design service, we provide everything from the initial planning stages to ongoing maintenance.

Our services include:

  • Restaurant kitchen design
  • Commercial kitchen installations
  • Restaurant kitchen equipment repairs
  • Maintenance of industrial ovens and catering equipment

We have a highly professional team of designers, installers, and kitchen ventilation engineers that can work with you to make your dreams a reality. Working with clients of all sizes over the years has given the experience needed to create top restaurant kitchen designs.

If you are looking to do a restaurant kitchen refurbishment or need the best commercial ovens and catering equipment, we can help

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Specialists in restaurant kitchen installations

A highly skilled team of project managers, kitchen designers, and installation technicians will give you the commercial kitchen you need. Our team takes pride in delivering the very best in kitchen design with high-quality catering equipment and the best kitchen ventilation systems.

A restaurant kitchen, whatever the size, needs to be able to produce the best quality food at all times. The kitchen needs to have the right setup so dishes can come out efficiently. The space must also handle a rush of orders, so customers are not left waiting.

Our bespoke restaurant kitchen design service makes the most of the space you have. We select the best catering equipment, restaurant ovens, commercial refrigeration, and dishwashers to suit your budget and needs.

Restaurant kitchen equipment maintenance

We also provide a range of maintenance and repair services for commercial kitchen equipment. Preventative maintenance for catering equipment will prevent breakdowns and problems during service. Our experienced team is available 24 hours a day to carry out emergency kitchen equipment repairs.

swift, group, catering, repair, service

From full restaurant kitchen installations to maintenance, Swift have the solution for you

If you need commercial ventilation maintenance or catering equipment repairs, we can help. Our team will fix the problem as quickly as possible so the kitchen can avoid disruptions in food service.

Whether you want a restaurant kitchen refurbishment, new catering equipment, or repairs and maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment, we can help. Contact our team today to find out more about how Swift Maintenance can help with your restaurant kitchen installation.

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