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Commercial Catering Kitchen Designs

Let Swift assist you in the creation of your desired commercial kitchen. With more than four decades in the industry, Swift has helped thousands of clients with their commercial kitchen design.

Our professional team prides itself in turning your kitchen plans into a reality. Through a combination of our expertise and your vision, we can create the most eye-catching and effective commercial kitchens for you. Our team will closely liaise with you in order to establish your goals and specifications. We will then guide you throughout the whole process, selecting the finest kitchen equipment and installing them to ensure your kitchen never lets you down.

Swift is a commercial kitchen design company that offers a professional and courteous service, complete transparency of costs and first-rate project management. Whether you are in the hotel sector, own a restaurant or run a pub, we can create a kitchen layout that can reignite your business.

Hotel and Banqueting

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All football fans will tell you that a successful team is built from the back. The same is true of a hotel kitchen. The well-groomed waiting staff may take all the plaudits, but your success will ultimately start with a bespoke commercial kitchen. With the best kitchen equipment and finest kitchen design, we can help you create a winning team.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and restaurant managers know they must impress diners from the moment they pass through their doors. Great design and quality craftmanship are key to this process. At Swift, we can give your restaurant the wow factor with a modern restaurant design that will have customers returning again and again.

Public Houses

Nothing comes close to enjoying a traditional pub meal with a pint. Orders come in thick and fast behind the bar and your kitchen staff will need the space and time to create the meals. Swift has helped numerous pubs around the country create efficient and attractive kitchens that keep both the kitchen staff and diners happy.

Food Service Equipment

Great food service is all about the ingredients. Of course, you need good food, but you also need great equipment. It is often the harmonious relationship between the kitchen and the servery counter that enables a catering operation to flourish. At Swift we understand the relationship between the front and back of the house and how to maximise its potential.

Schools and Universities

Food fuels the brain and gives us the strength to learn. With a stunning commercial kitchen design, you can provide students with a pleasant environment to refuel and recharge. Our expert design team will also be able to create an effective commercial kitchen layout that will inspire the team to produce culinary fuel for eager young minds.

Hospitals and Care Homes

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When you are feeling poorly, good food usually raises your spirits. We have worked with dozens of care homes and hospitals throughout our long trading history, passing on our vast kitchen design expertise to clients. Swift can create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere for patients and their family to enjoy and spend quality time together.

You may have the recipe for great dishes, but Swift has the recipe for success. Choose Swift for your kitchen design and installation project and receive the most professional and cost-effective approach. We have been in the industry for more than 40 years and have built up a strong reputation for quality and design. For more details on how we can help you, contact us today.

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Make sure your customers never go hungry with our first-class kitchen design, installation, maintenance and repair services. Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul of your current kitchen operation, a single kitchen item or for a kitchen to be designed from scratch, our professional team can turn its hand to everything.

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