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Commercial Catering, Laundry and Dishwashers

Swift takes great pride in providing the finest standard of commercial catering equipment to businesses throughout the UK.

We have kept our customers happy for more than 45 years thanks to our unrivalled expertise, speed of delivery and fantastic customer service. Your business is our business. That’s why we strive to give you the wow factor and provide you with the best catering equipment at the best possible price. Whether you are a restaurant, café, pub, kebab house or school, we can provide you with safe and reliable catering equipment that can cook, freeze and store your goods.

Swift is a commercial catering kitchen equipment company you can rely on. We can provide a wide range of quality kitchen equipment from all the leading brands. From commercial fridges and freezers, commercial dishwashers, commercial cookers and catering counters through to commercial kitchen ventilation and laundry equipment, Swift can ensure your catering operation runs smoothly.

Effective refrigeration is essential for hygienically storing food and displaying fresh food. At Swift, we can provide you with the best range of catering equipment for your operation. Whether you need a catering fridge freezer or a catering undercounter fridge, a catering display fridge or a catering upright freezer, we have got you covered.

Dishwashers and Potwash

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In the busy world of catering you need to ensure your dishes and cutlery are sparkling clean for your next customer. We can help you clean up on your competitors by providing you with the most effective commercial catering supplies. For the best dishwashers and potwashes in a range of sizes, speak to our professional team today.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

They say if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. There’s no need for that. Not with our superior commercial kitchen ventilation products. We can ensure your kitchen staff remain cool while creating their hot dishes. For more details on our range of ventilation equipment, talk to a member of our sales team today.

Laundry Equipment

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Working with food all day, every day, in warm temperatures can result in uniforms and tea towels being stained. Protect your workers’ appearance with the most dynamic and powerful commercial laundry equipment for sale. We can help you choose the correct laundry machine for your business, ensuring your staff look as fresh as the food you serve.

Catering Counters

Make sure your food stays fresh and enticing with our wide range of catering counters. From display units, chill cabinets and energy efficient heated and refrigerated sections, we have got all your catering needs covered. Our catering counters are of the highest standards and can be tailored to suit all businesses and impress customers.

Commercial Cookers

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You cannot run a successful catering business without a heavy duty commercial cooker. You need one that is capable of cooking several meals at one time, with the space to cope with a spike in demand at busy periods. We can provide you with a selection of gas and electric models that will keep both your kitchen staff and customers happy.

At Swift, we promise to provide customers with the highest standard of care and professionalism. We deal with all the leading brands and our dedicated team is always on hand to share their expertise, so you are guaranteed to receive the best products and the best advice every time.

Looking for help with your next commercial kitchen project?

We are a kitchen design team that offers a complete service from the initial concept through to the finished project. With more than four decades’ experience in the industry, we can turn your commercial kitchen makeover into a reality. Whether you are looking for a single item or completely redesign your kitchen, our talented team will give you the best service and products available.

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