Minimise Downtime

When disaster strikes we’ll be with you within 4 hours to minimise downtime.

One Call Does It All

Access all the services and updates you need with just one phone number.

Make Your Life Easier

We take away the hassle so you can concentrate on the important things.

We Make Commercial Caterers Lives Easier – One Call Does it All!

Access all the Services You Need to Minimise Downtime and Keep Your Kitchen and Equipment Fully Operational – All With One Phone Number!

Catering equipment breakdowns cost you time and money. Having to contact multiple contractors for repairs and then having to chase for updates or trawl through email trails is both stressful and time-consuming. And then there’s the regular appliance maintenance, servicing and safety checks to keep on top of. It’s never-ending!

Surely there is an easier, more convenient solution?

One Swift Call Does It All!

Swift Maintenance are specialists in the servicing and repair of catering equipment – our mission is to make your life easier! We’ve been taking really good care of commercial caterers since 1973 and during that time we’ve learnt a lot.

We’ve designed our market-leading catering maintenance service for your convenience, enabling you to solve all your commercial kitchen problems with just one phone number.

Our service saves you time and hassle by conveniently giving you access to all the services you need to keep your commercial kitchen(s) fully operational and running like clockwork, freeing you and your team up to concentrate on the important things.

With just only one telephone number, we’ll help you with:

  • Planned preventative maintenance, repairs and servicing
  • Rapid response breakdown visits within 4 hours
  • Gas Safety Checks and PAT Testing
  • Equipment and ventilation system cleaning (to TR19 Standard)
  • Replacement catering equipment from all of the leading brands
  • Design and installation of a fantastic new kitchen

No need to keep chasing multiple providers – one Swift call does it all!

or Call us on 0121 505 4001 to discuss your requirements.

Who can Swift Help?

Our service is perfect for multi-site operators such as:

  • Academy Trusts / Schools
  • Contract Caterers
  • Hospitals
  • Facilities Management Providers
  • Care Home Groups
  • Hotel Groups
  • Pub Chains

…and many more.

Contact our team of experts to discuss your specific requirements.

Keep Your Kitchen Running Like Clockwork

We’ll take care of all preventative maintenance, repairs and servicing on your catering and refrigeration equipment, including:

  • Combi ovens (Rational, Lincat, Hobart)
  • Dishwashers (Hobart, Meiko, Winterhalter)
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Ice machines
  • Extraction and Air Conditioning systems
  • Laundry equipment

Is Swift Right For You?

Swift Maintenance offers the following benefits and features. Simply submit an enquiry and we will contact you to discuss how we can help you.

Personalised to Your Needs

We provide a uniquely personalised service with key performance indicators (KPIs) agreed with you in advance, to ensure the service is what you need, not what we think you want.

We Take Care of Everything

If you’re tired of dealing with and chasing multiple contractors for updates, then you’ll love being able to get all the services and information you need from one place.

Know Exactly What’s Happening

You’ll have 100% clarity on all outstanding repairs and tasks thanks to our weekly work in progress reports and update calls.

Minimise Downtime

Thanks to the cumulative effects of our comprehensive service you’ll keep downtime to an absolute minimum thanks to our emergency response and thorough preventative maintenance.

We Make Your Life Easier

Our number one priority is to make your life easier so our service is specifically designed to take as much as possible off your plate, leaving you and your team to concentrate on the important things.

Caring for Caterers Since 1973

We’ve been around a long time so we know what we’re doing and how best to help commercial caterers. But it’s more than that, we genuinely care and like to build long term close relationships with our customers who rely on us.

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