Effective Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration plays a vital role in every professional catering business. As one of the UK’s leading refrigeration supply companies we can help your company with the most effective commercial fridges and fridge freezers on the market.

If your business sells fresh food to the public you know how important it is to keep your produce cool. With a wide range of high-performing commercial appliances to choose from, you can ensure your new refrigerator will help you reduce food waste, lower costs and meet stringent food hygiene laws. 

We supply a vast selection of commercial Refrigerated Appliances that meet all business requirements. Whether you are looking for a quality commercial fridge, freezer , multideck display fridge, cold room or a blast chiller, we have a design solution for every company. Our kitchen equipment comes in a variety of sizes, giving you the opportunity to maximise your space and create a kitchen that works best for you.

Commercial Refrigeration to suit your Business

Swift Maintenance can also provide businesses with the most cost-effective commercial display units and counters. Available in a selection of styles and sizes, our commercial displays will be a huge addition to any professional catering company.

If you need to store food for any length of time and increase the longevity of your produce you need to ensure your commercial freezer is of the highest standard. At Swift we can provide you with the best freezers on the market. Whether you are looking for a walk-in freezer or commercial chest freezer, eye-catching display freezer or ice cream display freezer, you can rely on our freezers to make a huge impact on your company.

The top-drawer freezers we supply are made by the industry’s leading manufacturers, so you can always buy with confidence when dealing with Swift Maintenance. If you are looking to update or replace your commercial freezer, speak to our experts today. We can help you find the best solution for your business. Call 0121 505 4001.