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With over 4 decades experience in the design, manufacture and installation of all types of commercial kitchen and industrial ventilation systems. 

We offer nationwide coverage and our aim is to provide a complete service from planning stage to handover.

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Local service

National Coverage

Based in Wednesbury with engineers across the West Midlands, we have the resources to offer customers support in all parts of the country, delivering comprehensive solutions for all your kitchen ventilation requirements.

 We offer expertise in all aspects of LEV systems, ventilation canopies, ventilated ceilings and fully approved fire suppression systems to LPS1223.

 Our services include design, supply, Installation and planned preventative maintenance.

We also offer expertise in many other fields of mechanical and electrical maintenance along with complete wireless monitoring systems that can be tailored to meet your requirements.

 We also design and install heating, air conditioning as well as emergency lighting, access control, new boards and other upgrades.

 We ensure that the equipment we install from the manufacturer is maintained regularly and kept in good working order.

Our planned, preventative maintenance and service contracts are available across all our disciplines to ensure that your equipment is kept in peak condition. 

Our engineers are employed directly by the group and are CRB checked to enhanced level and are fully experienced. Our service and maintenance help desk is manned by a pro-active and helpful team of staff.

Swift Ventilation Services was formed in 2012 to provide added value to the already established building maintenance company Swift Maintenance Service (1973) Ltd. As well as developing a new customer base, Swift Ventilation Services also overlook a large client base of existing contract customers for Swift Maintenance Services. 

Our engineers are fully accredited and conform to top industry standards, we are proud to have a loyal public sector client base such as schools, local authority, the fire service and also a growing number of private sector customers.

We have achieved this by offering a range of bespoke project solutions combined with exceptional service delivery and through retaining the Swift ethos of being a friendly and customer focused organisation.

Personalised service

Comprehensive Offering

Baffle Filters

• Heat, flame and grease proof

• All filters complete with handles

• Easily cleaned in a dishwasher or by soaking or spraying

There is an increasing need to maintain and improve hygiene standards and reduce fire hazards within kitchens. The baffle grease filter accomplishes both needs through its clever design of interlocking baffles that provide a tortuous route for the passage of air through the filter by creating two rapid 180° air direction changes simultaneously.

The grease molecules having a far greater inertial force than air, impact themselves on the vanes. A series of vertical stainless steel vanes are housed in a channel frame, with each of the baffles strategically aligned to provide the highest potential for grease removal.

Due to the smooth nature of the vanes the grease naturally runs downwards, through the drainage holes and into the collecting trays normally provided within the canopy holding casings. The filters comply with the requirements of DW.172. Approved to DIN18869-5.

Pleated Panel Filters

Used in HVAC systems where an increased level of protection is required and filtration for higher air volume systems. Construction includes: water resistant card frame with lattice faces containing pleated polyester filter media reinforced with an expanded metal support grid. Typical applications: HVAC of offices, retail shops & centres, education, leisure, restaurants, kitchens, hotels and residential Homes.

Synthetic Bag Filters

Used in HVAC systems where high dust holding, high protection, long service life and low pressure drop is required. Construction includes: corrosion resistant galvanised header frame holding dual stage polypropylene synthetic melt-blown filter media, with ultrasonically welded pockets. Typical applications: HVAC of offices, retail shops & centres, education, leisure, restaurant, kitchens, hotels, residential homes, computer rooms and laboratories.

Axial Fans

For axial fans the concept of a propeller is applied. The flow through the impeller with the (propeller) blade is largely parallel to the rotor shaft, thus, the name axial fans. The rotating blade has a complex profile to achieve highest efficiency. Basically, the operating principle can be discribed like this: the air on the suction side flows constantly from all parts of the room to the inlet. Thus the inlet ring acts as a suction head.On the delivery side the air is ejected along the axis, effected by by the motion of the fan blades, pushing the air through the fan. Axial fans are mainly used for low pressure and larger air volumes. Ventilation, heating and cooling are thus the main application areas.

Centrifugal Fans

With centrifugal fans, it is usual for the direction of the air flow to change by an angle of 90 degrees. Free running impellers and scroll fans differ in that scroll fans require a volute casing to generate pressure. Centrifugal fans are used for higher pressures and medium air volume flows. They are also used in ducted applications. Centrifugal fans provide great versatility in ventilation, cooling and air conditioning applications. 

Controllers for fans

Alongside the ventilation range of products there is an extensive range of control technology available, used to regulate the speed of fans. Through fan speed regulation, the air flow delivered by the fan is controlled. The whole purpose of fan speed control is to achieve optimal air quality levels – for example in occupied rooms or for industrial processes. Ziehl-Abegg develops and produces controllers utilising different methods of speed control. This variety of fan speed control methods enables Ziehl-Abegg to offer fan speed control solutions which are accurately aligned with the preferences and demands of discerning customers.

Canopy Light Fittings

NSF listed flush fitting twin tube fluorescent. Tempered, prismatic glass diffuser with one-piece satin finish stainless steel face frame to match canopy finish.

What our clients say


We have been working with Swift Ventilation for a good many years now, completing numerous project per year. We rely on Swift for their knowledge and experience and we can be sure of their professionalism on every job. We would not hesitate to recommend Swift Ventilation to anyone requiring their services.

Bespoke Solutions

We provide a range of services to our clients including bespoke solutions for unique projects.We pride ourselves on having a flexible and understanding approach, by working with both the public and private sector we support all our clients in ways that are beneficial to both parties.

Public Sector Clients

Central and local government; NHS, government department buildings, local authorities, schools, care homes, leisure centres and office buildings.

Private Sector Clients

Stadia Leisure outlets, retail shops, warehouses/distribution centres, pub operators, manufacturing, garden centres, care homes, offices, data centres and property management companies.

Kitchen Ventilation

As most kitchen ventilation systems require bespoke study, we manufacture and install made to measure solutions particular to each building. All systems are designed and installed in compliance with B&ES (formerly HVCA) DW/172 Specification for kitchen ventilation systems.

As most kitchen ventilation systems require bespoke study, we manufacture and install made to measure solutions particular to each building. All systems are designed and installed in compliance with B&ES (formerly HVCA) DW/172 Specification for kitchen ventilation systems. We can provide a wide range of canopies complete with filtration, integral supply air and lighting, and also:

• Fan and ductwork systems

• Mechanical supply air systems complete with filtration and tempered air

• Condense canopies and complete dishwasher extract systems

• Stainless steel wall cladding and whiterocking

• Stainless steel service distribution units and service risers

• Integral light fittings

• Fire suppression systems to LPS1223

• Attenuation and odour control equipment to satisfy local EHOs

• Complete gas interlock systems fully installed by our own engineers