How To Minimise Running Costs In Your Commercial Kitchen

Trying to stay afloat in a sea of competitors whilst also carrying out essential daily tasks could mean you’re spending much more than you’d like to when running your kitchen. It’s natural to want to make some changes to reduce these costs, but finding out where to start can be a task in itself. Here at Swift, we understand the importance of getting the costing balance just right in your kitchen and to prevent bumping up your restaurant prices to cope with your outgoings.

To keep both you and your customers happy, we wanted to share with you some tips to help minimise those commercial kitchen running costs and increase profit margins.

Maintain or upgrade kitchen equipment

If you’re an established company with years of service under your belt, you may have been using the same kitchen equipment and appliances for a while. Scheduling in a maintenance and service check for this equipment can ensure things are running as smoothly as possible and can help prevent any future breakdowns which could be detrimental to the successful running of your kitchen.

If your equipment isn’t running as it should, then there is the possibility of it using more energy than it should to function. The more energy it uses, the more money you’ll be spending on running costs, which in turn, can be harmful to the environment. You may want to consider some equipment upgrades in your kitchen to prevent this. Modern appliances and equipment are generally much more energy efficient. Speak to us if you need any advice.

Create an audit schedule for equipment

Whether your equipment is old or new, you should create an audit schedule for your kitchen equipment and stick to it. Monitoring the performance of your equipment at regular intervals helps to prevent problems before they arise, giving you the time to fix it before it’s too late.

Budget correctly

It can be very tempting to deal with problems as they arise, especially when your business keeps you busy day in, day out, but for a successful kitchen, you need to be ahead of the game. Whether this is for refurbishing equipment, keeping money spare for new equipment when needed, or even when buying in produce for your commercial kitchen, budgeting can be a lifesaving tactic to keep your kitchen running when you have other things going on.

Reducing kitchen waste

One of the most common ways restaurants spend unwanted amounts of cash is due to food waste, both from buying in too much stock, and from food being sent back by diners. Consider reviewing portion sizes as well as the stock you have delivered. In most cases, there are changes that can be made to solve this problem and reduce the amount you spend too.

Allow Swift to help you create a smooth running kitchen

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