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The Importance of Repair and Maintenance in Commercial Kitchens

Well maintained catering equipment means better functionality and even better quality food! For these reasons alone, each piece of catering equipment in your kitchen should be properly maintained to achieve optimum performance and to continue to be effective after each service. Some restaurants will have already experienced the financial difficulties of equipment breakdown, but also […]

Is Catering and Hospitality Ready To Scrap COVID Restrictions?

There are mixed views on the latest news from the government; from the 19th of July, should everything go to plan, many COVID-19 restrictions will be scrapped. For the catering and hospitality sector, this means you’ll no longer need to order food from an app, you’ll be able to go up to the bar instead […]

Restaurant Design To Maximise Comfort and Efficiency

Having the right setting in your restaurant can give your customers the best possible experience. Your dining and front of house areas should be welcoming and comfortable, and your kitchen space should be built with efficiency and flow in mind. Restaurant design as a whole is so important for so many reasons, so we’ve put […]

8 Essential Pieces of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Running a successful commercial kitchen environment isn’t just about having a great team of chefs and kitchen assistants working behind the scenes. It’s also about the quality and reliability of the kitchen equipment you use every day. There are many essential pieces of commercial kitchen equipment to see you through each service, and each one […]

Water Saving Week: How Restaurants Can Save Water

From 17th – 21st May, it’s Water Saving Week! Even though Water Saving Week takes place each year, the message is even more urgent this year. Last spring was one of the driest ever recorded in the UK and climate change is forcing longer periods of dry weather. This combined with changes in lifestyle has […]

Catering Equipment For Your Summer Menu

Summer is just around the corner, and with the news that indoor dining will be given the go ahead from the 17th May, it’s even more important to ensure your kitchen is ready for a successful summer service! There are many ways you can prepare, but one of the crucial ways is ensuring your kitchen […]

How Ghost Kitchens Have Saved Restaurants

You’ve probably heard the term ‘ghost kitchen’ throughout the last year of the pandemic, or even seen just how dramatically these kitchens have helped to save the industry over this time through delivery-only services. Since restaurants were told to close their doors and the first lockdown began back in March 2020, ghost kitchens grew in […]

Food Safety and Storage Advice For Commercial Kitchens

It isn’t just the quality of meals that commercial kitchens need to focus on to succeed in their daily service, but how food is stored and kept safe is equally important. Catering and foodservice staff must not only take on this responsibility to keep diners safe and be more organised in the kitchen, but in […]

Catering Design To Accommodate Take Out

With many kitchens struggling to cope after the stresses of the past year, many have turned to takeaway to keep business going. While many restaurant kitchens are planning on how they’re going to reopen their dining space when the time is right, some are also thinking of how best to implement a permanent takeaway space […]

Diversify Your Menu To Suit Your Diners

The way we eat and the options we choose has changed dramatically over the years, and it’s up to restaurants, cafes and other foodservice establishments to keep up with these changes in order to deliver what customers want. From vegetarian and vegan options to Gluten Free and Low Carb, diners now take a lot into […]