Investing in Training

Swift has recently invested in training for many of its team members to assist in helping our customer service.

We believe that Training is crucial to our ethos of “Continuous Improvement” and that to keep up with modern business methods, Industry changes and maintain our reputation as “Specialists” we must continue to invest in this area.

We are always keen to send our engineers on Training days with our Manufacturers and provide them with the best, up to date methods of working with different suppliers. Our Office staff are encouraged to ask for additional training as they deem necessary to their development and for the benefit of our customers.

The Sales Team are also very proactive in regularly meeting with representatives for our Supplier base and have recently been to visit Hobart UK, Falcon Food Service, Meiko, TRUE Refrigeration and Lincat with more visits planned for the future. We actively encourage our suppliers to include us in their Marketing plans and regional development. We also employ the services of a very talented business coach to keep us focused and sharp.

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