Maintenance Tips for Commercial Dishwashers and Warewashers

Here at Swift, we’re proud to offer our customers the very best in commercial dishwashers. Commercial catering equipment has to be both efficient and durable to do its job effectively, and all of our machines have been chosen for their high-quality user features and reliability.

However, without the right maintenance checks regularly, it’s impossible to identify anything that could potentially trigger a breakdown in your equipment or prevent you from getting the results you need with each wash. Regular maintenance ensures that you catch any problems early and enables you to continue using equipment that does its job at its prime.

Here are some maintenance checks that we’d recommend to really get the most out of your equipment and ensure dishwasher and warewasher life is prolonged.

Daily washes

After use, daily washes of your dishwasher or warewasher will prevent a build up of old food and grease left inside the machine. Ensure you wash down internal walls reaching all the corners, ensuring no residue is left. It’s also important to clean the arms and jets inside the machine to remove any stray bits of food and ensure this doesn’t get trapped inside the machine on a new wash.

Empty the filter

Giving your machine a good wash is great for inside, but all the leftover food and residue will then travel through to the filter. Emptying and cleaning the filter will prevent any blockages. Large pieces of food can be put directly into the rubbish, then all that’s left to do is to give your filter a good wash down to ensure it’s grease free.

Leave machine open

When not in use, it’s a good idea to leave your machine door open after cleaning. This enables air to circulate around the machine, eliminating the chance for new bacteria to build up in those hard to reach areas. This also ensures your machine is as clean as possible for the next wash.

Check detergent levels

In order for your machine to work and clean at its best with every wash, always check the detergent levels. If detergent runs low, the cleaning of equipment will not be as thorough as you’d like, meaning food and grease may still remain after the clean is complete. Make it a habit to check this before every wash and ensure the right level of detergent is maintained.

Have an annual service

New replacement parts for a commercial dishwasher or warewasher can be expensive, so in order to ensure you don’t need to replace parts often, schedule an annual service for your machine at the very least. Depending on how often the appliance is used for and the length of time it runs, this may increase the need for a more regular service regime.

A technician will check all components in your machine for wear and tear and check general operation to ensure there are no problems. This will reduce the chance of a breakdown and can identify anything that could soon become problematic, allowing you to fix the problem before it arises.

Looking to upgrade your commercial dishwasher?

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