The Importance of Repair and Maintenance in Commercial Kitchens

Well maintained catering equipment means better functionality and even better quality food! For these reasons alone, each piece of catering equipment in your kitchen should be properly maintained to achieve optimum performance and to continue to be effective after each service.

Some restaurants will have already experienced the financial difficulties of equipment breakdown, but also the effect it can have on even the simplest of kitchen processes. To keep food going out of the kitchen and to ensure staff can continue to use kitchen equipment without risking their safety, maintenance and repair should be carried out regularly.

Here at Swift, we have accredited technicians situated throughout the UK and work within the catering, refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation industries. We can not only carry out emergency repair, but also ensure preventative maintenance is carried out to ensure you’re never left without fully functioning equipment.

Here are just some of the reasons why repair and maintenance in commercial kitchens is so important:

Save on unexpected costly repairs

If you don’t look after your equipment, components will wear down over time, eventually causing your equipment to break down completely. Keeping all your catering equipment in a good working condition will keep service going and keep your equipment strong. Correct maintenance can identify issues and enable you to carry out minor repairs or replacements that will, in the long run, be much cheaper than having to replace your equipment as a whole.

Ensures you have a reliable kitchen

Regular maintenance checks on equipment such as ovens, commercial refrigerators and air conditioning systems, to name a few, will keep your equipment in good working order. The last thing you want is for your equipment to let you down in the middle of a busy weekend service. It’s better to spot issues before they arise and cause all sorts of problems.

Keep your customers

If you cannot use your oven or your refrigerator because of a breakdown, you can’t serve your food. If you can’t serve your customers, they will go elsewhere and you’ll lose out on that custom. This should be the biggest wake up call for you to schedule the appropriate maintenance! If your cooking equipment isn’t working at its best, the taste and quality will be lacking, and your customers are also likely to pick up on this, especially if they’re regular customers expecting a specific level of quality.

The safety of staff and customers comes first

Every restaurant must follow strict food safety and health regulations to be able to serve food in their kitchens, and proper maintenance and repair where necessary helps to comply with these measures. All these precautions help to keep your staff and customers safe, giving everyone involved in preparing and eating food the best possible experience.

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When your ventilation or catering equipment malfunctions, you can always rely on Swift Maintenance to get your operations back up and running again as smoothly as possible.

You don’t have to wait until your system fails. We can professionally service your equipment frequently to ensure your operations remain at peak performance, keeping your business running smoothly and also minimising the risk of disruption and potential loss of income.

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