Catering Design To Accommodate Take Out

With many kitchens struggling to cope after the stresses of the past year, many have turned to takeaway to keep business going. While many restaurant kitchens are planning on how they’re going to reopen their dining space when the time is right, some are also thinking of how best to implement a permanent takeaway space to bring in all kinds of diners in the future.

Making the necessary changes to your kitchen’s design to accommodate the demands of customers wanting a take away option can not only bring in new customers, but also make regular customers feel well looked after, no matter their views on returning to restaurant dining.

We’ve put together some of the things you may want to consider in the design of your kitchen to accommodate take out options, and just how Swift can help you get the kitchen you want with the space you have, whether you’re opening your doors for the first time, or have a restaurant people already know and love.

Speed of workflow

Creating a logical, great flowing space in your kitchen is essential for the fast-paced demand of takeaway. Think about the equipment you have and how easy it is to access. Are preparation areas close to cooking equipment? Are storage and preparation areas easily accessible? Organising this space so staff can work efficiently and work in a chronological ‘production line’ is essential to pick up the pace for diners requesting take out.

Choosing the right equipment

The food you plan to serve for takeaway needs the right catering equipment to ensure standards are maintained and the quality of your food is at the highest possible. Think about whether you’ll have a separate menu for take out items or whether you’ll only serve popular menu items for take away, as well as whether you have the equipment available to balance both sit-in diners and takeout orders.

Here at Swift, we can point you in the right direction when it comes to quality equipment. We take great pride in providing the finest standard of commercial catering equipment to businesses throughout the UK, including commercial ovens and refrigeration.


Having the right storage space and enough storage space is always going to be a big factor for incorporating take out facilities in your kitchen design. Making sure you have enough fridge/freezer space, general storage space for ingredients, as well as space to temporarily store take out deliveries that are ready to go or ready to be packaged will make that production line much more effective.

Packaging and pick up points

If you’re going to allow customers to come and pick up their takeout orders instead of relying on a delivery driver, then your front of house area will need a specific pick up point for customers. This will also have to lead on from the kitchen to make all processes as smooth as possible. You’ll also need adequate space where staff can work to pack orders, especially at peak times as the kitchen can be a highly fast paced environment.

With all these processes, social distancing measures will need to be adhered to as well as making it easier for staff to wash their hands at regular intervals. Swift can help you with all your kitchen design needs and together, we can create a kitchen space that works for you, something that you’re proud of.

Can Swift help with your kitchen design?

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