Diversify Your Menu To Suit Your Diners

The way we eat and the options we choose has changed dramatically over the years, and it’s up to restaurants, cafes and other foodservice establishments to keep up with these changes in order to deliver what customers want.

From vegetarian and vegan options to Gluten Free and Low Carb, diners now take a lot into account before they settle on a place to dine. It’s crucial that your restaurant or cafe is able to cater for the diverse needs of diners by creating a menu that keeps every customer in mind.

Menu changes can have such a positive impact on restaurants and cafes. Just why can wider choices on your menu help your restaurant become more successful?

Gain an advantage over other restaurants and cafes

The customer is the one who will be purchasing your meal options, eating your food and hopefully recommending it to friends and family. With a more diverse menu, you’re not only attracting more customers, but you also have a reason for them to return again and again.

With large groups of diners returning when the industry begins to get some more normality once again, you can expect at least one person in that group wanting a vegetarian or vegan meal option, a low calorie or low carb option, or even someone who has some sort of intolerance, such as lactose or gluten. If you don’t cater for that one person, that whole group of hungry diners will be lost.

Look after your diners and they’ll stick around!

Cater for different times of the day

Keeping in mind the range of options available to your diners, you’ll also want to include a whole range of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, depending on your opening hours. Diners may be on the lookout for a quick grab and go meal option for weekday breakfast and lunch if they’re in a rush (cafes, take note!) or they may be planning an evening meal with others. Giving your customers a variety of menu options at all parts of the day will keep them satisfied and more likely to return.

Upgrade your kitchen to widen your offering

If you have the space available, new additional catering equipment could help you to really spruce up your menu to cater for a whole new set of diners. However, sometimes there’s just no wiggle room in the kitchen! That’s where our team of designers come in.

We can work with you to make the most out of your space. Whether you’re in need of a complete refit or looking for some additional pieces of quality equipment, we can help with everything. Our designers can bring your kitchen visions to life through 2D and 3D design mockups, and we can recommend the best equipment in the industry to help you satisfy the needs of your hungry diners.

Could Swift help you to diversify your menu?

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