Catering Equipment For Your Summer Menu

Summer is just around the corner, and with the news that indoor dining will be given the go ahead from the 17th May, it’s even more important to ensure your kitchen is ready for a successful summer service!

There are many ways you can prepare, but one of the crucial ways is ensuring your kitchen is kitted out with catering essentials, giving you everything you need to thrive, as well as keeping those customers satisfied for what is set to be one busy summer for the industry.

As well as being leading kitchen design and installation specialists, we also supply and install a range of quality catering equipment from some of the best brands in the industry. Here are some helpful pieces of equipment to think about before things get busy!

Pizza ovens

It goes without saying that pizza is one of the most popular dishes on any restaurant menu, even more so when summer comes around. They’re not only quick and easy dishes to get on your menu, but they also taste delicious and are very versatile options. Pizza can easily be cooked in your standard combi/convection oven, but for the more authentic pizza taste and dining experience, you may want to consider a commercial pizza oven.

Pasta cookers

Just like pizza, pasta is a summer favourite, and you’re likely to get order after order of some of your top pasta dishes over the next few months. The right pasta cooker to cope with demand will reduce stress in the kitchen and ensure meals are served in a timely manner. There are a range of pasta cookers on the market to cook large quantities with ease and help you maintain the quality of your meals.


For many restaurants and cafes, coolers or refrigeration will be staple pieces of equipment for every day service, but with warmer weather, this will bring a higher need to keep some foods at cooler temperatures to maintain quality. From sandwiches and salads, to cold beverages coolers and refrigerators, this equipment is a godsend. If you need an upgrade on your current refrigeration equipment, get in touch with the team at Swift. We’ll give you the best recommendations!

Drinks machines

Despite the heat, many of us like to enjoy a quality cup of coffee in the sun, and even more of us appreciate the refreshing taste of a cold beverage after a day in the heat. Ensuring drinks machines are ready to go will make processes much smoother with each service. From coffee and hot drink machines to refreshing slush and self-serve drink dispensers, there is so much to choose from to suit your usual restaurant, cafe or pub service.

We supply and install catering equipment! Can we help you? 

Here at Swift, we take great pride in providing the finest standard of commercial catering equipment to businesses throughout the UK. You can rely on us to provide a wide range of equipment from all the leading brands. From commercial fridges and freezers, dishwashers, cookers and catering counters through to kitchen ventilation and laundry equipment, we’ve got you covered!

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