Water Saving Week: How Restaurants Can Save Water

From 17th – 21st May, it’s Water Saving Week!

Even though Water Saving Week takes place each year, the message is even more urgent this year. Last spring was one of the driest ever recorded in the UK and climate change is forcing longer periods of dry weather. This combined with changes in lifestyle has led to more and more pressure being put on our water supplies. It’s something we can’t ignore.

If you own or work in a restaurant, now is the perfect time to make some changes to save water in your daily kitchen processes and to play your part in raising awareness about Water Saving Week. The sooner we act, the bigger the impact our actions can have! Here are just some of the ways any restaurant can start saving more water.

Choose energy/water saving equipment

Any equipment in your kitchen that uses a lot of water should be looked at in further detail, such as dishwashers and glasswashers. Are these pieces of equipment using more water than is necessary? To make sure you’re choosing the right equipment, you should look for those that are Energy Star certified. These products can use up to half as much water than some older models, so can be well worth the switch!

If you need advice on the best catering equipment to help you save water and energy, get in touch with us.

Perform regular maintenance on equipment

Make sure you inspect any appliance that uses water to ensure it’s always working as it should. If you have any doubts or sense a breakdown coming on, it’s good to know that we have a dedicated team of service and maintenance engineers at hand to fix any issues and get you running as swiftly as possible.

Our expert team is available morning, noon and night, and we can be with you within four hours of your call if there’s an urgent matter.

Implement efficient cleaning

Fully loading dishwashers before turning them on, reusing water where appropriate and even the smaller things such as turning off taps instead of leaving them running can all contribute to saving water that would otherwise be wasted. Being more efficient with cleaning processes is a great habit to get into, and can also be passed on to other employees.

Educate your staff

Having everyone on the same page can really help with your water saving efforts. Make the time to talk to your staff members and let them know what to look out for and how to make those small changes to their daily routine. Training up the people in your kitchen is so important in saving energy and will even help you well on your way to reducing costs too.

Do your part for Water Saving Week!

Around a third of all the water supplied in the UK is used outside of the home – in shops, gyms, restaurants, schools and more. Non domestic water use is responsible for a whopping 28 million kg of CO2 emissions every month.” – Water Wise.

Implementing the right actions can have a huge impact on saving water. Remember to speak about the issue and do what’s right for our water supplies. If you need any help and advice about the right equipment for your kitchen, we’re only a phone call away: 0121 505 4001.