8 Essential Pieces of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Running a successful commercial kitchen environment isn’t just about having a great team of chefs and kitchen assistants working behind the scenes. It’s also about the quality and reliability of the kitchen equipment you use every day. There are many essential pieces of commercial kitchen equipment to see you through each service, and each one can make preparing and cooking food much easier and quicker, without compromising on quality or taste. 

We’ve put together our 8 recommendations for essential catering equipment to not only create a more smooth-running kitchen, but to also help you transform your menu and what you offer your customers. 

1. Commercial Fridge/Freezer

Refrigeration products are invaluable to every restaurant kitchen. They work hard to keep fresh produce and ingredients at the right temperatures to ensure they’re as fresh and as tasty as possible when they reach a diner’s plate. As one of the UK’s leading refrigeration supply companies, Swift can supply the most effective commercial fridges and fridge freezers on the market.

2. Dishwashers/Glasswashers

Crockery and glassware that is sparkling clean is an essential element of the catering business. Commercial dishwashers and glass washers that can cope with the demand of your restaurant are such vital pieces of equipment, and having thorough cleaning of equipment is even more important as we navigate our way through the pandemic. 

3. Commercial ovens

The commercial oven is an essential element of professional kitchen equipment. You need an appliance that meets your demands as well as providing the type of cooking that you need. Here at Swift, we supply a range of commercial ovens, including bakery ovens, combi-steam ovens and convection ovens, all from industry leading brands.

4. Preparation counters

Having adequate space in your kitchen to prepare ingredients and food before it’s loaded onto a plate is a perfect way to keep your kitchen processes more organised. Setting up a dedicated station for preparation purposes with easy access to ingredients and cooking equipment should be an essential part of any commercial kitchen design. We can help with this too – get in touch with us and let’s have a chat!

5. Grills

There are many different types of grill to choose from to suit your menu, whether you’re cooking burgers or a range of toasted sandwiches and paninis. From flat-top grills and griddles to food-specific grills, you’ll find so much choice to really tailor your kitchen to your menu, providing nothing but the best dining experience for your customers.

6. Mixing, slicing and processing equipment

Sometimes, the chaotic atmosphere of the kitchen means staff need a little more help where they can get it, which is why in some restaurants, mixing, slicing and food processing equipment can be a big help to reduce preparation times and cater for large volumes of orders. They’re also particularly useful if you’re selling freshly made baked goods.

7. Storage and shelving

Whilst not something that would immediately come to mind when thinking about catering equipment, the right storage and shelving equipment is a vital part of your commercial kitchen. Look for clever storage solutions that maximise the space you have, and choose quality materials that will last. Keeping ingredients and equipment safe and secure is also important in your kitchen.

8. Safety equipment

Again, vital equipment, but not something that would immediately spring to mind when thinking of commercial kitchen equipment. Your safety comes before anything else, especially as we all need to take extra precautions in our kitchens due to the pandemic. The right safety equipment and PPE can help to keep yourself and others safe. Safety equipment also includes the right ventilation, sanitation and waste management equipment.

Choose Swift to help you find the best commercial kitchen equipment

We take great pride in providing the finest standard of commercial catering equipment to businesses throughout the UK. If you need any advice about the equipment you should be choosing for your kitchen, or you’d like to chat about recommendations, you can always give our team a call on 0121 505 4001.