Commercial Design For Care Home Kitchens

It’s crucially important for care home kitchens to be well designed to ensure that they work for a specific home. Here at Swift, we understand that each care home is different, each with different sized and shaped spaces to work with. Not only that, but the regular need to serve hot meals to residents must be considered too. It can be a tricky job, but that’s exactly why we’re here – and we’ve got the best team to help make care home kitchen visions a reality!

There are a number of steps we take to ensure that our commercial design for care home kitchens meets the needs of the care home staff, making their jobs safer and more effective.

Meeting hygiene criteria

Now more than ever, care homes need to be thoroughly protected from the spread of germs as many residents will be in a vulnerable category. Our commercial design for your care home kitchen will take this into account and ensure that surfaces and equipment are easy to clean and suitable for frequent cleaning and disinfecting. It’s also important to remember handwashing facilities and sanitising stations too, for both staff and residents.

If you need any help or advice for what your care home kitchen should include, speak to Team Swift.

Maximising space

In the past, we’ve managed to help many establishments make the most of their available space and to create a kitchen environment that works for them. See our refurb of the Duke of York, Litchfield here,where we came up with a cost-effective way of giving their kitchen a much needed makeover. Our design team are experts when it comes to maximising space to ensure you get the most out of it. Give us a call if we can help your visions come to life.

Storage and equipment

Depending on the size of your care home, you may need more storage space for equipment and food, and thankfully, we’re experts in space saving design. Our team will closely liaise with you in order to establish your goals and specifications, and we’ll then guide you throughout the whole process, selecting the finest kitchen equipment and installing them to ensure your kitchen never lets you down.

For more information about exactly what we can bring to your new design, see our catering equipment supply.

Comfortable environments

A lot of the time, care home staff who look after residents day in, day out are also the kitchen staff, so a kitchen environment needs to be as comfortable and as bearable as possible. We offer commercial kitchen ventilation to ensure your staff members remain cool while preparing hot dishes for residents.

Looking for help with your care home kitchen design project?

We are a kitchen design team that offers a complete service, from the initial concept through to the finished project. With more than four decades’ experience in the industry, we can turn your care home kitchen visions into a reality. Whether you are looking for a small upgrade or to completely redesign your kitchen, our talented team will give you the best service and products available.

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