Which Combi Oven Is Best For Your Kitchen?

It goes without saying that the commercial oven is an essential element of professional kitchen equipment. An appliance that meets your demands as well as providing the type of cooking you need proves invaluable in a commercial kitchen, but getting it right requires a bit of thought. How can you ensure you’re choosing the right combi oven for your commercial kitchen?

Even though the main job of combination ovens are the same, there are different features and specifications available to ensure you get the most out of yours. We’ve put together a few things to consider before you settle on a specific oven – as always, if you need any further assistance, speak to the Swift experts by calling us on 0121 505 4001.


This is a consideration when looking at the size of your kitchen. If you have limited free space or a smaller kitchen, a countertop model may be your best bet. Bigger kitchens with a high demand for service will most definitely need a bigger, freestanding option. No matter which option you choose, there are many ovens to choose from to suit your needs.

Holding capacity and controls

Knowing how often your combi oven will be used and the volume of meals being prepared will help when identifying the ideal holding capacity for your new oven. Observe the number of orders and how many meals are being distributed, so you know how much needs to be prepared simultaneously.

The controls for your combi oven will also depend on the complexity of your menu. Automated controls that are programmed into the oven will come at a greater expense, but are often needed for more precise cooking. Manual controls from a chef will provide a more personalised touch, but of course, there is still room for human error.

Ease of cleanliness

Kitchens can be hectic environments and when cleaning time comes around, you need to be able to do your duties quickly and effectively. With many modern combi ovens for commercial kitchens boasting advanced technology, self cleaning features are becoming more common, saving time and resources. However, most ovens have an easy clean guide to help reduce the time it takes to get an oven ready for its next service.


The price you pay for your commercial combi oven will vary depending on the needs of your kitchen. However, if you can afford the investment, your new oven will prove to be very worthwhile, as it will save time, money and resources in the long run by performing cooking tasks with ease, and being something you use with each and every kitchen service.

If you have any questions about costing or all the options that are available to you when purchasing your oven, get in touch with the team.

Rely on Swift for the best combi ovens for your kitchen

The right oven will depend on your business and needs. We select commercial kitchen equipment that is high-quality and able to withstand the demands of busy food service. If you’re in need of a new combi oven upgrade or even additional ovens for a thriving kitchen, get in touch with the team at Swift today on 0121 505 4001 or use our contact form here.