Common Maintenance Issues In The Commercial Kitchen

Even though it can be a tough job, it’s one of those jobs that needs to be done; maintenance. A commercial kitchen can be a busy place, and maintenance can sometimes take a back seat when there’s food preparation to be done and customers to serve. It can also be difficult to know how to do it the right way to ensure equipment works as it should and your kitchen flows well.

The right maintenance in your kitchen can help save money and energy in the long run, so to make sure you don’t neglect your kitchen, we’ve put together some common maintenance issues in the commercial kitchen, some of which may seem very familiar!

Lack of cleaning

Grease build-up is inevitable if you don’t regularly clean your equipment, and this build-up can pose so many problems later down the line, such as component breakdown or the slowing of equipment when in use. For the best possible results, you should get a professional clean at least once every six months, and ensure you also clean equipment yourself regularly. For more information about Service and Repair from Swift, get in touch with our friendly team.

Your ventilation system

Not only can your kitchen equipment and appliances gather a build-up of leftover food and grease, but your ventilation system can suffer too. You may notice a change in the airflow in your kitchen, which is a sign your ventilation may be struggling to work at its best. Again, a professional clean is best to not only ensure your ventilation is running smoothly, but it also eliminates the need for extensive manual cleaning yourself. Get in touch if we can help!

Not replacing parts

Equipment doesn’t last forever and prolonged use can really take its toll on certain components. If your equipment is starting to slow down, or you notice that some of your components are deteriorating, it’s always best to organise replacements before a breakdown is imminent. This will ensure equipment can always be running, instead of forcing your kitchen to close because you have equipment that has broken down. Not the best thing to happen at the lunchtime rush!

Failing to implement a maintenance plan

It’s all well and good ensuring your equipment is clean for a day or two, but are you keeping up with your maintenance efforts through a schedule? Having a maintenance plan encourages whoever is responsible for this area of your business to ensure regular maintenance checks are carried out and can prevent a breakdown of your equipment. A schedule can help keep your entire kitchen running efficiently and most importantly, make sure your customers are given the service they deserve!

Need a little maintenance help?

When your ventilation or catering equipment malfunctions, you can always rely on Swift Maintenance to get your operations back up and running again as smoothly as possible. With accredited technicians situated throughout the UK, we aim to be by your side within four hours of your call if required.

Get in touch with us by calling 0121 505 4001 or by using the contact form on our website.