Ventilation For Kitchens Reopening After The Pandemic

It’s not the first time that kitchens across the country have had to close their doors due to the ongoing global pandemic, and here we are again wondering when things will be back to normal. With tougher restrictions meaning many foodservice establishments are closed once again, we should be making the most of this time, and putting plans into place for when it is safe to reopen.

Kitchen ventilation is something that may often be overlooked, but without regular usage, it could cause a whole lot of problems when your kitchen is fired up again. What are some of the points you should keep in mind when reopening a kitchen and how can you ensure your ventilation system is working as it should be?

Using ventilation after being idle

If a commercial kitchen has been closed for a while, appliances and ventilation may not have been touched since the last time you were serving food. Not only is the lack of use a problem, but over time, it will have gathered dust, meaning that if you want a perfectly working system, you’ll need to invest time, and potentially money, into giving your ventilation system a good clean before it’s used again.

Filters may also need to be changed and to make sure the job is done properly and safely, we’d always recommend getting a professional out to do the job for you. Our services include planned preventative maintenance for ventilation systems, so if you have any questions or have a job for us, get in touch.

Improving ventilation during the pandemic

With coronavirus spreading so easily, transmission through ventilation may have crossed your mind. With news of an outbreak through air conditioning in China, it’s become a worry for some that ventilation systems may not be the best idea. However, without ventilation, restaurants and kitchens pose an ever bigger risk of transmission, preventing fresh air from entering, and confining any trace of the virus in one space.

The right ventilation is so important to maintain a comfortable working environment, even in current times. Talk to the Swift team for help and advice about the best options for you, and just how we can help with all your ventilation needs.

What steps should kitchens working through takeaway and delivery services take?

Of course, if you’ve regularly been using your ventilation system through takeaway and delivery preparation, you won’t need to take immediate action. It’s still important to ensure your system is clean regularly to ensure the whole system is working as it should. If we can help shed a little light on the situation and give you some advice, we’re always available for a chat.

Can we help with your ventilation needs?

We have over four decades experience in the design, manufacture and installation of all types of commercial kitchen and industrial ventilation systems, as well as planned preventative maintenance. We offer nationwide coverage and our aim is to provide a complete service. For more information about what we do or if you need any ventilation advice, get in touch with us by calling 0121 505 4001 or by using the contact form on our website.