Organising Your Commercial Kitchen For Peak Times

When kitchens are back up and running and we all get to dine and enjoy food like we used to, there’s one thing that all kitchens can benefit from, regardless of sector. Whether you have a restaurant kitchen, run a care home or even run a school or hospital kitchen, organising your space for peak times can bring a much better workflow for kitchen staff.

All kitchens will know their busiest times of the day, week, month and year, and preparing in advance for these times can make them much easier to handle. How can you organise your kitchen for those busy times to make them a success?

Your kitchen layout

Larger kitchens usually won’t have a problem with their kitchen layout as they’ll have a great space to work with, but with smaller kitchens or those of an awkward size and shape, you need to make the most of what you have to make it work at all times, not just your busiest days.

Our design team is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to getting the most out of a kitchen space. We can take your requirements into account, designing and planning exactly what you need in the space you have.

Choose the best equipment

Kitchen equipment can be a big factor in how quickly and efficiently your meals are prepared and sent out, and in peak times, it’s essential to keep the momentum going to maintain those happy diners. Refrigeration, commercial ovens and dishwashing equipment should be up to date, and if you’re not quite ready for an upgrade, you need to ensure all equipment is properly serviced and maintained. The last thing you need is your equipment failing on you at your busiest times! If we can help keep your equipment in check, get in touch with us.

Speak to employees

Sometimes, simply conversing with your staff and collectively coming up with a plan of action is enough to help with issues in organisation. Discuss what your kitchen staff would like to see in the kitchen, or what new procedures and equipment would make life easier. Find out exactly what makes things difficult for them at peak times and encourage ideas about possible solutions.

Observing what a usual peak time service looks like from the perspective of someone outside of the kitchen can make things much clearer. Getting feedback from employees is crucial to make service efficient and ensure it flows nicely without any obstacles in the way.

Use preparation time wisely

Equipment used for preparing food ahead of time needs to be up to standard to enable this part of the kitchen service to run smoothly. Saving time is important, and if there are obvious changes you can be making in the preparation, cooking and serving stage, it’s crucial that your staff work out a plan that works for them in the long term.

Could Swift help to transform your kitchen processes?

Making improvements and organising your commercial kitchen for peak times will create a much more pleasant and efficient working environment. Here at Swift, we understand how important it is to get the flow of a kitchen just right, which is why we have a strong team available to help make it a reality.

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