Preventative Maintenance To Beat The Breakdown

Recent research conducted by BRITA showed that kitchen staff are becoming more cautious with catering equipment in order to prevent a potentially expensive breakdown. Unreliable equipment coupled with the stresses COVID-19 brings to the catering industry is not only affecting kitchens and how well they function, but also the individuals in this industry and how they carry out their jobs. 

Here are some of the key statistics we took away from BRITA’s research:

  • Almost 30% of professional kitchen staff believe their stress comes from the financial implication of the pandemic. 
  • 50% of professional kitchen staff say replacing equipment would be a significant cost to the business.
  • ¼ of kitchen workers admit that their equipment needs replacing right now.
  • 30% of kitchen workers are more cautious of costs and are looking to mend and maintain their equipment where possible rather than replace it.
  • Almost ⅕ of kitchen workers admitted to not being able to spot a problem with equipment they are using in the kitchen.

As shocking as some of these statistics are, the good news is that most of them could alter dramatically with the right preventive measures, which could help to lower costs and other associated issues arising with equipment replacements.

Preventative maintenance couldn’t be more important right now

Replacing equipment can potentially be the reason a kitchen may have to pause service, simply due to the financial implications. More and more kitchens are looking into servicing and repairing their equipment to not only save money on new equipment, but to also ensure they can get more use out of their equipment throughout this uncertain period. 

Service and maintenance is a crucial component in a smooth running kitchen, and the decrease in budget in this area means there is a real threat when it comes to the efficiency of a kitchen. Kitchens need equipment to be performing at its best to get through each service, but they can’t do that if they’re not properly serviced and maintained. Repairs can be essential in keeping a business on its feet. 

How can you benefit from preventative maintenance?

Waiting until a piece of equipment breaks before taking action to replace it could potentially be the worst thing you could do if you’re in the catering industry. Here are just a few reasons why maintenance at the right time can save your equipment and even your business in such an uncertain time for us all.

Keeps equipment and staff safe – by carrying out preventative maintenance, your equipment will remain safe to operate for staff and you can reduce any risk of potential issues or breakdowns before they arise.

Improve equipment efficiency – usual wear and tear can naturally decrease the efficiency of your equipment. By carrying out preventative maintenance, you can improve efficiency and prolong the life of your equipment.

Quicker than equipment repair or replacement – Of course, preventative maintenance may cause a slight disruption to normal service if your kitchen is in use, but if your kitchen is currently closed with hopes to reopen soon, now is the time to consider it. Even though preventative maintenance will take a little time, it’s much quicker than repairing equipment after a breakdown or replacing it completely.

How can Swift help you prevent equipment breakdown?

You don’t have to wait until your equipment fails before you take action. Here at Swift, we can professionally service your equipment frequently to ensure your operations remain at peak performance. Not only will this keep your business running smoothly, it will also minimise the risk of disruption and potential loss of income.

With accredited technicians situated throughout the UK, we aim to be by your side within four hours of your call. To book an appointment or find out more information about our service and repair, give us a call today: 0121 505 4001.