Health and Safety Factors For Kitchen Design and Installation

Meeting health and safety requirements is an essential consideration when designing and installing a new kitchen and equipment. Making sure all bases are covered will take a lot of planning beforehand, and with new COVID-19 restrictions, there’s even more to think about – ensuring you’re social distancing and providing the right hygiene measures is crucially important.

We’ve put together some health and safety factors to consider for kitchen design and installation to make staff and customers feel safe at all times.


It’s common sense that a safe kitchen needs the correct ventilation to maintain the right temperature, but with a refurbishment, it’s crucial that it remains a highly important factor of your kitchen. The right ventilation will not only make food preparation areas safe for kitchen staff, but will also make the temperate more bearable too. 

There is an increasing need to maintain and improve hygiene standards and reduce fire hazards within kitchens, and ventilation is the key to getting it right.  We have over 4 decades experience in the design, manufacture and installation of all types of commercial kitchen and industrial ventilation systems, so we’re the best people to speak to!

Space and flow of a kitchen

Every stage of the cooking process should be considered when designing and installing a commercial kitchen and equipment. If space is an issue in your kitchen, then the risks will certainly be increased if you don’t make the most of it. Space and flow issues, especially with fresh food and waste, can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

However, a smaller space doesn’t mean the end of the world – you just need clever design. It can be hard to organise and transform a space when you don’t have much to work with, but that’s why our design team is here! We’ve designed countless kitchens, big and small, to ensure the flow of your kitchen works for your staff with protective measures in place to protect against COVID-19.

Up to date equipment

Is it about time you started looking into new pieces of equipment or upgrades on older equipment? If you’re in need of a new commercial kitchen, it makes sense to consider what you need and how you can make your food preparation space more efficient. Not only will equipment in tip-top condition make food taste better and keep your kitchen staff more organised, but newer equipment or serviced equipment can save your kitchen money and energy in the long run.

When your ventilation or catering equipment malfunctions, you can always rely on Swift Maintenance to get your operations back up and running again as smoothly as possible. With accredited technicians situated throughout the UK, we aim to be by your side within four hours of your call.

General safety and cleanliness

Of course, when you have new equipment installed, you need to ensure you take care of it properly. Daily cleaning of equipment is mandatory to keep a kitchen safe and removing any hazards in the environment will also assist in doing so. Make sure you can keep up with the demands of everything a new kitchen install brings before you commit to ensure you get the most of it.

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