New Year, New Kitchen: 2021 Trends and Beyond

A brand new year seems like the perfect time to spruce up your commercial kitchen and make sure it is fit for purpose, especially in the new normal. Whether you’re in desperate need of some new kitchen equipment to keep staff safe and working efficiently, or you’re looking into a full kitchen refurbishment, we can help you get there.

Even though we can’t all enjoy restaurants to the fullest at the moment, some are still opening for takeaway, and are still functioning in order to not only serve customers, but to keep their business afloat in these troubling times. Here are some kitchen trends for 2021 and beyond, and exactly how Swift can help make your kitchen design dreams a reality.

Express/Ghost kitchens

As more and more kitchens are forced into take away only service, it’s inevitable that we’ll see a rise in the amount of express or ghost kitchens. These kitchens are specifically designed for takeaway only service, but, depending on the establishment, may allow diners to collect orders. With social distancing and lockdown measures in place for the UK, the rise of these kitchens is inevitable for the future, but for just how much longer remains unknown.

Customer pick up areas

With predictions of collection maintaining its popularity into 2021 after the current lockdown, it’s inevitable that restaurant kitchens will need to incorporate pick up areas for their customers. These areas will need to keep social distancing measures in mind and also make it easy for customers to swiftly collect their orders and be on their way. We predict this will be the norm for the foreseeable future!

Drive thru ordering

Drive thru order and pick up has been the norm for a handful of fast food restaurants for a while, particularly McDonald’s who opened their first in the UK in the mid 80’s. Even though many current restaurants don’t have the capacity to incorporate a drive thru service, that doesn’t mean to say new-build restaurants and kitchens won’t. We can probably predict that a variety of new restaurant builds may opt for additional drive thru capacity just to ensure they keep on retaining custom whatever the future holds for the current pandemic. 

Dining pods

Moving away from kitchens slightly and more into dining, we can probably expect to see a lot of change with how diners enjoy their meals while eating in a restaurant. For customers to feel safer eating out, restaurants will have to plan ahead if they want to retain custom and entice customers back when lockdown has eased. Dining pods are looking to become the norm, shielding diners from one another whilst making them feel comfortable and safe at all times.

Other things to think about

When reopening your kitchen in 2021, attention to detail in this new normal is what will ensure you succeed. Here are some of the things you’ll want to consider to make things run as smoothly as possible.

Make the most of your space

Gone are the days when small kitchens meant limitations in service. These days, with advanced technology and design software, we can measure up the space you have and help you make the most of it. Clever, compact design and equipment can transform smaller kitchen spaces and give you abilities you never thought you needed. Speak to us if you’d like to see what’s possible!

Care for the environment

New catering equipment is much more environmentally friendly than old equipment you may have had for some time. Out with the old and in with the new will most definitely get you on the way to saving money and energy. Here at Swift, we can not only help you create an efficient kitchen space to work in, but also help you choose the right equipment to fill it with. 

How can Swift help you?

Swift Maintenance offers commercial kitchen design, installation and maintenance throughout the UK. For the past 40 years, we’ve been helping businesses in commercial kitchen installations, catering and refrigeration equipment, air conditioning and kitchen ventilation systems
We’ve helped our clients build, expand and maintain their operation by advising, designing and delivering future proof solutions that meet and exceed their needs. If we can help you meet your kitchen goals for 2021 and beyond, give Swift a call today: 0121 505 4001.